A major scandal hit Survivor on Wednesday night, and now, the whole competition is at a standstill!

On the latest episode of the long-standing CBS reality TV show, contestant Dan Spilo was accused by multiple competitors of “inappropriate touching” during the competition. But quickly thereafter, two of the accusers admitted they exaggerated their accusations in order to get him voted off the island. Wait, what?!

The whole thing started when contestant Kellee Kim expressed concern about Dan, a Hollywood agent, “being too touchy and violating in [her] personal space,” even after she made multiple requests for him to stop. By all appearances, Kellee’s concerns were completely legitimate. She finally felt comfortable enough with two other contestants — Missy Byrd and Elizabeth Beisel — to reveal her concerns to them, too, and they doubled down on Kellee’s claims, adding that they had also felt threatened by Dan’s touching.

Feeling empowered, and clearly emotional as she broke down into tears about it, Kellee took her accusations off-camera to the production team. She spoke about it in a confessional, saying (below):

“This isn’t just one person. It’s a pattern. It takes five people to be like, ‘Man, the way I’m feeling about this is actually real. It’s not in my head. I’m not overreacting to it.’ He’s literally done these things to five different women in this game. That sucks. That totally, totally sucks.”

Producers and execs immediately intervened, addressing the issue off-air with all of the show’s contestants. According to a title card shown during that segment of the episode, Dan was given an official warning for his behavior, and producers supported Kellee throughout the ordeal.

Problem solved, right? Well, not exactly…


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