We’ve all been there, right?

…OK, honestly, hopefully NOT! Spice Girls songstress Emma Bunton is (hopefully) in a league of her own with this one, after she admitted in an interview this week that she accidentally sexted a topless picture to her mother! Oh, no!!!

The sexy English singer revealed the embarrassing story in an interview with The Mirror, noting how she’d meant to send a hot, semi-nude pic to her partner, musician Jade Jones, after the two had been away from each other for a few days while traveling. And to hear the 43-year-old pop star tell it, she simply got her lines crossed when it came time to hit “send” on the text message.

Emma explained it all (below):

“I was away from my other half for a few days, but we are very much in love and I love sleeping next to him. We are together all the time. So I decided that I would send a mucky text. A cheeky text. A sext. I did a little selfie with the boobies. I did have a bra on. But I did a sleazy kind of little selfie and a ‘Miss you’ and ‘wish you…’ – and sent it to my mother.”


Thankfully, Emma was quick to note her mom is her BFF and had a forgiving sense of humor about the whole regrettable mix up:

“I speak to my mom 10 times a day and we are the best of friends. She has got a great sense of humor, but I was mortified.”

Whew! That’s nice. But still, it’s truly horrific to even imagine potentially doing something like that on accident… we seriously feel for you, Emma!

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