As someone who stepped away from Hollywood for a couple years, Renee Zellweger has a unique take on life in the spotlight.

She’s come back in a big way this year with the Judy Garland biopic Judy, and she’s taken all the lessons she’s learned with her. In a new InStyle profile, she explains:

“Different hardships that are unexpected can sort of assist you moving forward. With this job, it’s peculiar because you’re not born with the faculties to know how to handle the things that come your way. I found that shifting your perspective is really important.”

Like when it comes to scrutiny in the media for instance…

“I don’t internalize things, and I don’t personalize things, and I don’t engage. I spend a lot of time focusing on the work itself, not the consequences of the work or people’s perceptions of it.”

Renee says she learned “pretty early on” in her Hollywood career to tune out the rumor mill.

It started out as a hard lesson as she was going through a painful split — and suddenly she saw it being covered so cavalierly in the press:

“I was devastated about a breakup, and it was plastered all over the tabloids. None of it true, all of it humiliating. Never mind that living the experience [of the relationship] was plenty.”

BTW, we obviously don’t know for sure if this was about her breakup with Jim Carrey back in 2000, but that’s definitely the first time we remember the tabloids covering her love life — since he was already such a big star at the time. (This was before Bridget Jones launched her into megastardom.)



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