The source shared:

“Meghan is very aware that Kate will be Queen; their roles are very clear. Meghan doesn’t fit the mold, while Kate was groomed for this.”

The confidant adds this difference is largely due to the fact that Meg was a “fully formed person” when she joined the royal family, while Kate was in college when she and Will began dating. The insider continued:

“What’s challenging is when they are pitted against each other. That’s been challenging to both of them. Meghan has her life, Kate has hers.”

But despite the differences on how they may have entered the family, something they have in common is putting their kids (Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis, and Archie Harrison) above all else, like Meg and her husband’s relationship with their son:

“It’s very much still about taking care of him and putting family first.”

As we’ve seen, however, the parenting styles between the Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Sussex couldn’t be more different! The insider added:

“William and Kate toe the line, maybe because they have to, but Harry and Meghan are saying no—no to releasing the names of Archie’s godparents, no to saying where Meghan gave birth. They are trying to carve out a different sort of public life and reset the rules.”

Previously, a source divulged to the publication more about how the foursome is apparently getting along as of lately:

“Everyone was doing their duties, doing what they needed to do on behalf of the family—and that was that. But there is a divide between the four of them. It’s hard for people to digest, because everyone wants them to be such a unit.”

Additionally, there’s the matter of the throne:

“William is the future King. There is going to be some competitiveness between him and Harry. That already puts a rock in the relationship.”

Who do U think the drama is really between, Perezcious readers? The brothers or the sisters? Sound OFF (below) in the comments with your take!!

[Image via John Rainford/WENN.]

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