Lindsay Lohan feels some type of way about Cody Simpson and Miley Cyrus!

Overnight, the Freaky Friday star posted — and then almost immediately deleted — a picture of Simpson alongside her little sis, Ali Lohan, with a biting comment about the Australian singer’s current GF. And considering the dating history between Cody and Ali — and everything else at play here — this is quite the shot across the bow!

So, let’s start at the start here: as you likely know by now, the 22-year-old hunk Simpson won The Masked Singer Australia this week, revealing he was, in fact, the one inside the robot get-up all along. LiLo has been a judge on the Aussie show all season, too, even making things nice and awkward for Cody at one point regarding his dating history.

During an earlier ep, before Lohan was sure the singer was the robot, she suspected him for it, and called him out, revealing to the audience that he owed her a bunch of furniture!

As it turned out, the Mean Girls actress had helped furnish his home in Venice, California last year after he started dating her 25-year-old little sister, Ali. LiLo bought the pop star a bed frame, and a bunch of other items — and then, when the pair split and her sis moved out, the furniture never followed.



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