How is Kanye West gonna react when he sees THIS?!

The West family patriarch recently laid down the law, as we’ve been reporting, preventing daughter North West

The KUWTK superstar took to Instagram this weekend to show off her gorgeous six-year-old daughter along with two of her gal pals, captioning the shot, “Styled by North * fake cast included.”

As you can see (below), the three girls are OWNING the runway in their haute couture look:

It’ll continue to be an interesting dynamic to watch in the West family home: North obviously isn’t close to being of age yet, and she’s still got a lot of little kid stuff to do. But even so, she gets older every day, and she appears to be a natural. We feel like there has to be at least some chance the oldest child eventually moves into her mother’s industry one day, whether as a model, or a designer, or all of the above.

Can Kanye actually handle that career path for North if/when the time comes?!

Sound OFF on everything in the comment section (below), and definitely let us know where you stand on his and Kim’s apparent impasse over what North is and isn’t allowed to wear! Such a crazy only-in-the-life-of-the-Kardashians kind of controversy, right?!

[Image via Kim Kardashian West/Instagram/WENN]

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