Not many former Church of Scientology members have come forward to discuss what goes on behind the scenes of the controversial organization. Sure, enough have done so to show us there’s definitely smoke — but very few from the inner circles who can really show us the fire.

That’s why the idea of an interview with Guy White was so intriguing… little did we know how many more questions we’d have after!

White married Suzette Hubbard in 1986, making him the son-in-law of church founder L. Ron Hubbard.

Now the former member of Scientology’s first family is coming forward to spill some very disturbing claims about some big changes in the Church — courtesy of current leader David Miscavige.

White has a wild story to tell, and he’s finally ready to tell it in a bombshell interview with DailyMailTV:

“I have never wanted to speak out earlier because I’ve been followed, I’ve had Private Investigators on me, it’s very intrusive.

You know what the deal with the devil is like, ‘Don’t speak out against us and then we won’t make your life hell.” I didn’t want my life to be hell because that would be hell for my children. But they’re adult now and I always felt the story needed to be told.”

White was only 19 when he joined the Church after falling in love with the writings of L. Ron Hubbard. For years he rose through the ranks, devoting his life to them.

Then he says one day he was called in for a meeting — and ended up locked in a room alone for hours.

“I’m locked in that room and after several hours I’m told to write up your transgressions. And I’m like grasping at what’s going on.”

The next morning, White says, the door finally opens, and it’s Miscavige.

“He walks up to me, grabs my lanyard, rips it off me [then] backhands me. My glasses go off flying and break and then he spits in my face. I have no idea what this is for. I don’t know why I’m in trouble. And he says, ‘People are being prosecuted for what you’ve done.’”

Rather than being told what he did wrong, he claims was given an e-meter reading and then forced to “chip the paint off the boilers” of the Los Angeles headquarters, aka “Big Blue.”



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