There’s no doubt Brad Pitt and Alia Shawkat are on good terms — but as it turns out, they’re not dating.

So says an insider close to the 55-year-old movie star, at least.

A flurry of reports were published on Tuesday

They were definitely together at the Wilding Cran Gallery in El Lay, where a fellow attendee snapped a photo of the two of them. And where there’s smoke, there’s (usually) fire, so when we heard the pair had gotten dinner together along with the show — and had previously attended comedian Mike Birbiglia‘s show together last month?!

Come on…

But a coupling is not so, according to an insider close to Pitt. The source spoke to People about the unlikely pair, claiming:

“They are absolutely just friends.”

Hmmm… definitely possible, we suppose. Friends do go to art galleries and comedy shows together, of course.  But it sure seems like a lot of one-one-one hang time for two single, attractive folks of compatible sexual orientations, doesn’t it?!

Just sayin’!

Pitt Moves On…

Shawkat or not, Pitt’s world has changed quite a bit in the last two years since his very public split from Angelina Jolie. And while the Fight Club star has yet to confirm any official relationships over that time period, he’s certainly been seen out and about quite a bit. Just back in September, we reported on relationship rumors surrounding the superstar and a jewelry designer; a few weeks before that, Ellen DeGeneres gave the poor guy the scare of his life with her own big reveal about some of his past relationships, as well.

Aside from the light-hearted and superficial stuff, there has also been major drama and resentment between the Seven star and his longtime companion after their uncoupling. Pitt is regrettably estranged from his own children, too, so there’s more than enough work to be done in his personal life outside of all the dating rumors.



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