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The video was recorded on a Northern Line service on Friday

A man has been arrested after a video of a Tube passenger directing “horrific” abuse at Jewish children was released.

The clip showed a man reading anti-Semitic Bible passages to two boys in skullcaps.

British Transport Police launched an appeal over the footage, recorded by a commuter on the London Underground.

The force said it had arrested a man in Birmingham on suspicion of a racially aggravated offence.

A woman, who was widely praised after she was seen confronting the man in the video, has said she “wouldn’t hesitate to do it again”.

Asma Shuweikh, from London, said she wished more people had intervened when the man started being aggressive towards other passengers on the Northern Line service.

Recalling the altercation on Friday, she said if “everyone did, I do not think it would have escalated in the way that it did.”

“Being a mother of two, I know what it’s like to be in that situation and I would want someone to help if I was in that situation,” she said.

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Chris Atkins/PA

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Asma Shuweikh, right, was widely praised for intervening and trying to stop the abuse

Ms Shuweikh said the response to her actions on social media had been “heart-warming”.

“I can’t take all the credit because a lot of other people were involved. I would not hesitate to do it again,” she said.

Commuter Chris Atkins recorded the altercation before moving to swap seats with the young boy next to the man.

“It was the children that really got me and everyone else, he was just screaming at these children. It was horrific in every sense,” he said.



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